What Does The Constitution Mean To Me Essay

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What Does the Constitution Mean to Me? What is the Constitution? The Constitution is a document that has a set of laws which help the country stay in order. It was written and signed on September 17th, 1787. It established America’s national government, guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens and established fundamental laws for the United States. The United States founding fathers decided to create it because they wanted a balanced government with three branches called executive, legislative, and judicial with a system of checks and balances. They also wrote the Constitution to avoid another monarchy being started, to create a democratic government and to have a country in which all people are treated equal. They added The Bill of Rights…show more content…
If we did not have it then America would not be running the way it is today instead it would be chaotic. The Constitution is the laws of the entire nation. No laws that the government create can conflict with the Constitution. It shows I have rights, freedoms and that I will be protected in America. When I think of the Constitution I think of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of rights is a collection of the first 10 amendments. The amendments give me my rights. They give me the right to freedom of speech,press and religion. Amendment 4 gives me protection from unreasonable search and seizure. It gives me privacy in my life, which is a big thing that people want. For example police just can’t come search you house for no reason at al, they have to have a search warrant.It also gives us human rights to do what I want to do to certain limit. It makes sure the government can not have too much power over us. It gives the government rights to change and improve to the way society is today. One right that means alot to me is freedom of speech. It means alot to me because it lets me express my opinion unlike other countries in this world that will kill you if you tell them what you
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