Free Speech: An Introduction To Freedom Of Speech

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Introduction of Freedom of Speech This freedom is the right which the every citizen can enjoy freely, this is also the fundamental right. Freedom of speech basically an expression and it’s not sometimes guaranteed because of restrictions. This fundamental freedom is most precious right for every individual person. It is the opportunity give to citizens to speak their mind and give their opinions in different matters. In modern times people are always protesting against some matters, people always wat that their voice will be heard in a legal peaceful manner. People do not use their rights usually because they thought they are not brought up for that kind of questions but the constitution give fundamental right and freedom of speech. After fourth…show more content…
Right of speech is not a specific right in a specific manner. Freedom of speech is to say or to publish anything which every citizen wants but because of saying or publishing the rights of any person are not trampled upon. Right of freedom is guaranteed of press. The freedom of speech would not give permission to damage honor and prestige of any citizen or anyone individual or nation. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that the highest kind of Jihad is to speak upon truth in front of Sultan that deviates from highest path. We should follow the path of our Prophet, then we chose right path always. Freedom of speech restricted in all over the world because if it were not so then there would be defiantly chaos in the societies. In USA freedom of speech is guaranteed under the first amendment. By the Constitution of Pakistan the legislature has a power to restrict the freedom of speech. In England the court guaranteed the freedom of speech over a period of year. Principles must be laid down that the speech or words must not be crossed the limits of their constitutional liberty. Everyone can speech in anywhere in Pakistan but within the…show more content…
In all over the world gives this rights to all courts. In USA contempt of court is to directly tend to prevent the proper discharge of judicial function and also punishable by law. But in India there is no statutory definition of contempt of court but The High court can exercise their power to punish the person who disobey the order of court or contempt of court. In article 204 of Islamic republic of Pakistan constitution has clearly declared that what constitutes contempt of superior courts. Contempt of court is a common law doctrine. The contempt of court has traditionally been classified as either in front of court. The purpose of civil contempt is not only to enforce court orders and also to maintain public confidence in the judicial system. The contempt of court does not exist in civil judicial system. The countries in which have no contempt of court like Australia, New Zealand but the English common law is still applicable. In Judgment of Justice Chaudhary has exemplified that the state has right to free speech in India. The one of basic pillar of democracy is freedom of speech. The quote said by the first US president Jorge Washington that the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. Freedom of speech is constitutionally protected

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