Examples Of American Rationalism

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During the 1700’s, a group of immigrants moved from Great Britain to the new, exhilarating country of America. The immigrants set up colonies all along the Eastern coast of America, thus becoming colonists. The colonists built villages and practiced their religion as they pleased; yet they remained under British rule. According to History.org, it was not until over ten years before the American Revolution that the colonists started to become unsatisfied with Great Britain’s power over America. Britain continued to upset the colonists of America, eventually leading to the feeling of American Exceptionalism, the fuel that turned a dissatisfied spark into a revolutionary fire. Colonists became patriots and fought for their beliefs, because according…show more content…
Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence with the assistance of a revising committee. It was written in Old English using small cursive letters, and random blanks were left at the beginning of various sentences. The text was formatted into one large paragraph accompanied by a small paragraph and the signatures of all persons who helped at the bottom. The purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to state America’s intentions to break off from Great Britain, and why the colonies wished to create a new, separate country under their own rule. In contrast, the Preamble of the Constitution was written by Gouverneur Morris, and was used as an introduction into the actual Constitution. Similarly, the Preamble was written in Old English and cursive. Long sentences and random capitalization were also used. The purpose of the Preamble was to explain why the people of the United States were going to form a new country, and it was the introduction leading into the rest of the Constitution. James Maddison wrote the Bill of Rights, and it served the purpose of adding to and fixing the original Constitution. In the Bill of Rights everything is written out in words, even the date and all numbers. In addition, rather than using random spaces, there were individual words in bold and bigger than the rest of the words, and the article numbers were larger than their description. The Bill of Rights was made to support and enhance the already published Constitution, where as the Declaration of Independence was written to announce America’s separation from Great Britain, and the Preamble to the Constitution was written to explain why America wished to do so. The style of all three documents is somewhat similar, but differ mainly when it involves their
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