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Freedom of Expression in Contemporary India NOUFAL KK Learning objectives 1. To understand what is freedom of expression 2. To understand what are the major challenges of freedom of expression in india Introduction Freedom of expression is one of the most important characteristics of the Indian Constitution. It gives freedom of expression for every citizen living in India.Freedom of expression shows itself in a variety of ways that are often viewed as controversial. The spread of ideas is a fundamental human right, but not everyone is prepared to put speech on pedestal above other rights. Freedom of speech and expression continue to spark debates around the globe. What is freedom of expression? Indian Constitution says: Article 19-22 (Right to Freedom) deal with the different aspects of Personal Liberty, the basic right of a citizen in a democracy. These articles are as follows: 1. Article 19: Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc. 2.…show more content…
A person free to move from any point to any point within the country’s territories. There are certain exceptions such as Scheduled Tribes areas and army areas. Freedom of Residence An Indian Citizen is free to reside in any state except Jammu & Kashmir. Again this is subject to certain restrictions. Freedom of Trade & occupation The constitution of India guarantees each of its citizen to do trade , occupation or business anywhere in the country. However, Freedom of speech and expression is not absolute. As of now, there are 8 restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression. These are in respect of the sovereignty and integrity of the country. These 8 restrictions are: “Security of the state, Friendly relations with foreign states, Public order, Decency or morality, Contempt of Court, Defamation, Incitement to offence, Integrity and sovereignty of
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