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Paper Draft Thesis Question What is the nature of web censorship on the press and cyber freedom in Australia? Introduction of TQ For many generations there was censorship, the great and the powerful censored the unwanted information in press and literature for the sake of common good (morality) or own profit (money). In the era of advanced technological development, censorship has gone through major changes, and is now seen in web censorship, or simply - limitations on web freedom of speech and expression. The best example to look into that issue, is to see the thorough development of ‘web censorship’ in a country where it is currently practiced, in the given paper, the focus will be on ‘web censorship’ in Australia. Background According to the Oxford World Encyclopedia (2004) ‘censorship’ is a system, intended to protect the public interest by the means of influencing any product of mass [media] communication. The main four categories that are being censored are: politics, religion, violence and pornography. Hence, ‘Internet Censorship’ is a system of control, where data accessed, published or retrieved from the Internet can be restricted. The context of such restrictions can be viewed positively – as limitation of content accessed by adolescents, due to moral and age restrictions, and also negatively – as violation of human rights on freedom of speech and personal expression, as viewed by the press. The right to freedom of expression in Australia extends to any communication medium and mass media, but made to be not absolute, as it…show more content…
Followed up by certain reports and regulations, Australian government has officially announced their strategy to protect the citizens, especially the minors, by the means of self-regulatory restrictions on recommended types of content (Subramanian, 2011). [Paragraph follows with current regulations and

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