Frankenstein Monster Development Essay

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In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, development of the monster is seen through the effects by its surroundings and cultural influence. By being left alone when first created the monster immediately was filled with abandonment and confusion. Later on he comes in to contact with a society in which the hatred of people corrupts his development and turns the monster evil, a trait in which he would not have had if he was welcomed into society. Overall the development of the monster is able to illuminate the central purpose of the novel which is to discuss the corruption of society and creation of villains through improper development. When the monster is first left alone he is immediately corrupted when he has to learn things without the guidance of an experienced member of society. When the monster is first created by Dr. Frankenstein he is left abandoned in the woods with nobody there to aid in its growth. The monster was left to first discover fire on his own and had to instinctually learn that fire is hot when touched. In doing this the monster is first able to see the unpredictability of the world. From essentially his creation, the monster is faced with the…show more content…
Throughout the novel as a whole the monster is often viewed trying to fit in with society. However in being left to learn how to live on his own flaws in character are often developed. In choosing to develop the monster in this way Shelley can display her main theme regarding aiding the development through positive influence. By showing the opposite, a young, good soul turned evil through negligence, the end result is shown through senseless murders. In choosing to make the monster evil after it’s upbringing, Shelley is able to prove her central theme about nurturing new

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