Frankenstein Scientific Revolution Essay

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The aim of this essay is to observe the consequences that the scientific revolution had in the society, during the period that the machines were starting to be used. The scientific developments gave way to the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, which is the other topic that will be discussed in the essay. All this had a huge impact in society, who demanded rights and better working conditions. Similarly, in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the creature Victor made cannot be controlled, so it can be said that as the machines, the creation was an unleashed force beyond the control of the scientist. Moreover, as happened during the industrial revolution, the creation begged for “rights”, which in the novel can be understood as the desire…show more content…
In fact, at that time the world was considered to operate like a machine. Moreover, the changes had an impact in literature too, since all the new machines destroyed people’s values and their feelings towards literature. Many authors who respected humanism and people as an individual were rejected. Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, for example, can be listed as one of the works that refuse to put science above human values. Shelley believed that the world was starting to ignore the love, beauty and moral values while they became dominated by science. Even if Frankenstein is usually understood as the struggle against the creature, it has also been discussed that the work narrates the tragedy of a scientist unable to control what he has created. Once Victor Frankenstein brings the monster to life, he is supposed to have achieved his goal; however, he later states that “breathless horror and disgust filled his heart” (Shelley X) when he realises that he cannot take the responsibility of what he has done. The power of the Enlightenment embraced all the scientific experiments and its consequences, not taking into account if the “creations” would fit in the world. The principle aspect of human being creation is abandoned. Its life becomes nothing compared with the importance of the scientific developments, moving from progress to ethical

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