Tobias Wolfe's 'Hunters In The Snow'

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In Tobias Wolfe’s “Hunters in the Snow,” three men who think they are friends go on a hunting trip. After being shot by Tub, who is supposed to be his friend, Kenny must depend on his comrades to get him to the hospital. However, as the story ends, Kenny is freezing in the back of a truck while Tub and Frank are too focused on what they think is a mending friendship to notice. Because Tub and Frank are not taking Kenny’s condition seriously and because there is not much hope that Kenny will make it to the hospital, the ending of “Hunters in the snow” is sad. From the time Kenny is shot, Frank and Tub treat him terribly and do not take his injury seriously. Immediately after Tub shoots Kenny, Frank’s reaction is that Kenny is not “in the soup”

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