The Loss Of Virtue In Dante's Inferno

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Many people in our lifetime will do anything for the one's they love, dead or alive. But how far would you go if you had to sacrifice your sanity to walk through a lurid and feared arena that many others are horrified of? How far could one possibly go for someone they love and cherish? Would it matter if you were pure and full of virtue? Dante Alighieri, a brilliant poet, mindlessly loses his pathway into the deep and shadowed woods he believes is his life. Discovering a bright light which happens to be the spirit of another poet, Virgil, who offers him to join him into their adventure into the Inferno. Descending into Hell with the light as Dante's guide, he will experience between good and evil, right or wrong, and who rightfully deserves…show more content…
With his admiration guiding him through Satan's Palace, Dante would witness the 9 circles of Hell for himself and see this wasn't the place for his soul to prosper in. The Italian writer knows now he must ameliorate his mistakes to reside in Paradise with his lover, Beatrice. Cantos 1 is a clear representation that Dante lost his direction to the "True way." Stumbling up the hill to the first ray of sunshine where he can enter bliss, Dante encounters three mythological beasts. A leopard of malice and fraud, a lion of violence and ambition, and the she-wolf of incontinence. Blocking his path, Dante is no longer able to climb up the hill and into Heaven. The beasts chase him down the mound and Dante scurries back into the dark wooded pathway. The beasts are symbolic to resemble the sins Dante would travel through during his journey through Satan's Palace. The steps he took to reach the top of the mountain was his step closer to God. Although, the anxiety surged through Dante allowing him to witness that to reach Paradise, where his lover dwells, he must first sacrifice his well-being to ramble though Hell. Self-reflection takes place in the moment Dante turns his back to the three mythological beasts that barricade his way into Heaven. The main character see's that he could possibly fall under any category that is waiting for him down in the underworld and in that moment, he realizes he must modify all the screw ups he caused in his lifetime. When many of us self-reflect, we try to view ourselves how others would. Would we like the way we talked or looked? Or even reflect on the past to decide whether what was the right or wrong statement to say? Many of us grow due to self-reflection, we understand that our faults can only make us learn for the future. Dante grows as well throughout his journey in the Inferno, he understands he's

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