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Betrayal Essay In the play, A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller, one of the main themes is betrayal. The play shows betrayal and also the consequences of betrayal through Eddie’s actions and his conflict with other characters throughout the play. The main point of betrayal happens between Eddie and his actions towards Marco and Rodolfo. Eddie chooses to betray and break his promise by calling the immigration police, at this point of the play he has betrayed the trust of Marco and Rodolfo. Miller explores the theme betrayal through the mention of the story of Vinny Bolzano. Later on he expresses the theme of betrayal by Eddie’s betrayal to his family, Eddie breaking his promise to Marco and Rodolfo, and Marco betrays Alfieri’s trust. Eddie’s…show more content…
Vinny Bolzano is a fifteen year old boy who “snitched” and betrays his neighbourhood by telling the authorities about illegal immigrants. Later on he was punished violently by the community. Eddie tells this story to his family, informing his family about the consequence that could happen. Catherine said in disbelief “What, was he crazy?”(p. 14). This warns Eddie’s family not to reveal anything about Marco and Rodolfo and the consequence of it. This illustrates the consequence of Eddie’s betrayal to his family and to Marco and Rodolfo. Eddie's feelings for Catherine made him go too far. He couldn’t take the fact that Catherine will be with Rodolfo and live the rest of her life with Rodolfo. He then calls the immigration bureau, “Give me the number of the immigration bureau..... I want to report something. Illegal immigrants.” (p. 50) This shows betrayal because Eddie calls immigration means that Marco can no longer provide money for his family. Marco said, “That one killed my children” (p. 58). Marco and Rodolfo trusted Eddie to protect them from getting caught, Eddie calls immigration and this breaks the…show more content…
The way Miller explores the theme primarily came from the telling of the story of Vinny Bolzano which demonstrates the tragic fall of Eddie Carbone and his negative impact of betrayal to the community. Eddie’s feelings for Catherine made him go too far and causes him to lose control and go crazy. Eddie’s jealousy causes him to betray the people he trusts most, his family. This interpret that sometimes emotions can overcome your actions and lead the most respected and trustworthy people to destroying their own life and others around them. This shows that emotions can lead a power and respected person to becoming a hated and unforgiving person. It is clear that betrayal is a central theme in Arthur Miller’s play A View from the Bridge. Although it may feel like Eddie is a really hated and a bad man, it should not be seen that Eddie destroys other people lives but seen as if he has done good but has emotion for someone he loves and that emotion led him to betray the ones he trust and loves. This then prompt him to his tragic fall, his

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