Tuesdays With Morrie: Anticipatory Grief

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Grief is caused by a wide range of losses but the most common trigger is the loss of a loved one such as the loss of a partner, a friend or a child. It refers to the ways that people express or react to a death/loss, these feelings can include sadness, crying, and despair (Silverman, 2004). Loss affects everyone at some point in their lives, and depending on the person's personal beliefs, values, and own experiences with a loss/death, he/she will dealt with it in different ways. However, it's something that we need to make sense out of, give meaning to, and respond to. Death is something that we know is going to happen, but most of us put it off or ignore it because it's a subject that is very intimidating and emotionally overwhelming. It's something that is seen as a failure in the Western culture. Tuesdays with Morrie is a story about a sports writer, Mitch, who looks after his old college professor, Morrie Schwartz, who's been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Leteral Sclerosis…show more content…
Anticipatory grief deals with the pre-death mourning individuals experience as they watch their loved one slowly declines (Simone, 2008; Gilhooly & Sweeting, 1990). This type of grief is common with individuals who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, such as Morrie was. It can enable the individual to prepare for the actual death. Morrie came to realize that by accepting his inevitable death, he would learn to live and make the most of the time he was on earth by spending time with those he held dear to his heart. It was important for Morrie to let the world know that it was ok to cry and mourn the death of a loved one. Morrie was able to do this by holding a "living funeral". This was a way for Morrie to have closure with his family and friends. By the same token, his friends and family members were also able to pay tribute, say nice things about him and to let him know how appreciated and loved he was by

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