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Sociology is the ability to gather information in step form until a conclusion is gotten. The main point that in order to study a specific subject the person has to go step by step until a conclusion is found. This journal will explain what is meant by term sociological imagination. Furthermore, discuss three ways in which a person can develop his/her sociological perspective using Macionis explanation, and also to discuss the application of the three approaches of the sociological theory with the Belizean slavery society. When it comes to sociological imagination it has many meanings to it but at the end they all come to one thing. Having a sociological imagination means having an open mind towards things. A person with this type of imagination…show more content…
The person can apply it on a personal level whereby he/she is able to see the opportunities and the limitations in his/her life and is able to take action on it helping him/her to become an active citizen. For example, I as a citizen could look at the opportunities I have to help the community to participate in cleaning the street sides and also look at the limitations I have, such as ignorant citizens. Taking these things in consideration then I can come up with a way to get what I want to do and also develop my sociological…show more content…
Firstly, using the structural functional view of Belizean slavery society, timber became the most important source of economy to the Baymen. The problem with these persons was that their chief delight was drinking rum. They preferred hard drinking than performing the extraction of the timber, therefore, they got others to do the work for them. From this it could be observed that the white people knew that they couldn’t do the job so they brought in slaves to work for them. The places where there were timber were the ones occupied while the unoccupied ones were bush, slaves worked together to get the work done, meanwhile their master was busy doing what he knew best (drinking). From this it can be observed that the white ones were always on control and its now the case here in Belize because we are still enslaved in our minds and because of that we don’t speak up for what we

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