Four Sociological Perspectives

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The Four Sociological Perspectives Lauren Benson Fayetteville Technical Community College Student \ What is the essay about? This essay identifies the four sociological perspectives in sociology. These perspectives are used to identify and categorize the different aspects of sociology. It helps gives an explanation for each aspect of social behavior and interaction. This makes it easier when you study sociology as a whole, because it gives you different views of the same thing. After identifying and explaining to four perspectives, the essay will also contain examples. Keywords: [Click here to add keywords.] The Four Sociological Perspectives The four sociological perspectives include functionalism, conflict, symbolic Interaction, Post- Modern.…show more content…
The symbolic interaction perspective is described as the perspective in which how one individual has it values and beliefs and that helps shape his behavior. The differences in these beliefs help bring people together or push people apart. If someone feels a certain way about something, of course they are going to act a certain way. This is how the symbolic interaction perspective is described. This was Max Weber’s original idea and it was brought to the American sociology by George Mead. Postmodern Perspective. This perspective was brought about to help explain some of the modern societies that could not have been explained by the three other major perspectives. They are based on assumptions that fast changes in society is the reason why some aspects in the society have changes, which is why the perspective was brought about to help explain this change. (Ritzer, 2011.) Newspaper Articles. The article in the newspaper titles “The Economist Admits Slavery was Pretty ‘Evil’ After All. I think this title falls under the functionalist perspective. This proves that slavery did have an effect on the nation as a whole, and from this title it is easy to tell that it was not a positive one. This title can also be viewed in the conflict perspective because it helps shows how the slaves struggled and how it shaped into uneven distribution of wealth and

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