Anecdotes In The Things They Carried

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Post traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder, which can occur after an extreme emotional distress that one has experienced, such as the war. In the novel, The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien uses anecdotes, imagery, and symbols to portray the social issues of Posttraumatic stress disorder on war veterans, enhancing the overall meaning of the work that the war negatively impacts the lives of veterans after returning home. O’Brien uses anecdotes to show how the impact of the war has caused PTSD, he uses Norman Bowker’s story to explain this issue. Norman Bowker, a soldier in the novel comes back home after war and feels like he doesn’t have a place to be because the war is over. Bowker doesn’t know how to move on after the war, causing him to drive “the Chevy on another seven-mile turn around the lake” (O’Brien, 133) repeatedly until the sun goes down. Bowker goes around the lake constantly feeling isolated and thinking that “there’s no place to go. Not just in this lousy town. In general” (O’Brien, 150). While driving around the lake and the neighborhood, Bowker brings up the memory of when his friends death, blaming himself for the death that was caused. He begins to believe that his soul died with him during the war, with all this in his head he keeps…show more content…
Bowker holds so much guilt and memory from the war that it takes a toll on him causing him to hang

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