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Internists are the masterminds behind the patient-care campaign. Clearly, a well-trained internist is essential in the hospital setting. During my clinical clerkships, preceptors have pointed out that I am “eager to learn, hard working,” a “pleasure to work with,” and that I am “an excellent candidate [for Internal Medicine].” I believe these qualities would be essential as a member of your IM residency team. I was interested in pursuing medicine from an early age. My brother and I would accompany my father to his work as an associate pathologist at PGIMER, Chandigarh, India. Instead of leaving us at home during our summer breaks, he would take us to the hospital. Being a curious child, I would scan the various wards of the hospital and view…show more content…
Then on to college, followed by medical school. Medical school sparked much of my personal and intellectual growth. It was in med school that my competitive edge started taking form – as I was surrounded by many who were smart, capable, and willing to put in the effort, contrary to my high school and college circle. I strived for academic excellence. I studied zealously and this reflected in my grades – as I was always one of the top three students in my class. After graduating from basic sciences, I completed the USMLE Step 1 (223, 1st attempt). I then commenced my core clinical clerkships in Baltimore, followed by completing the USMLE Step 2 CK (240, 1st attempt). My elective clinical clerkships took place in Chicago – during which I completed the USMLE Step 2 CS (pass, 1st attempt). Throughout my clinical clerkships I was most captivated by Internal Medicine – likely due to the fact that my IM rotation was one of my favorites. My parents’ committed support, the appreciative patients that I have encountered, and the intellectually stimulating physicians have sculpted my path up to this point. These were the doctors I aspired to be like: doctors who are perceptive and proficient, also compassionate yet firm when it came to patient care. As one of my scholarly IM preceptors phrased it: “you guys should be the ones shaping the course of future

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