Postmodernism In Art

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Art, a word that a lot of people doesn't even know what does it mean, what does it refer to, they only think that it is paintings, sculptures or these things, specially in our arab country, they don’t care about it, and think its something not necessary, its just beautiful things or things that have no meaning, well art is everything around us, everything, from the building, cars, interior, anything around us is art, but no one can see it. Art comes with a lot of deferent ways, shapes, and also each year a new art comes out, and its deferent than the other, also new artist that each one got his own way with designing, Art like pop art, post modern art, and many more, and each one got a big history. One of the things that came out of art is graphic design, “in fetish graphic design is the medium of a new sensibility, informal, playful, ironic, synthetic, pluralist, referential, and confident in the intrinsic interest and value of everyday popular culture”. (Poyner 2003, 28).…show more content…
This period time began at some point in the 1950s and proceeds with today. Some consider postmodernism to be a development against innovation. While innovation was more unadulterated, normal and honest postmodernism was more confused and adapted, it no more had such profound significance behind the outlines. Postmodernism utilises images, pictures, and typography as straightforward elaborate gadgets. Not at all like the basic and basic pioneer outlines, postmodernist configuration is fixated on style and imagination, essentially looks. Visual communication was currently being exhibited in well known media in the same techniques as design; it was a la mode, progressed, and tasteful. This time period incorporated the Cuban Insurgency and obviously the Vietnam War, both of which permitted craftsman to make fascinating works of visual

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