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In UK, the total waste arising from food and drinks in UK is estimated to be 15m/t. Waste arises in usually every part of the supply chain (Cope, 2000). However, the maximum food waste is generated during manufacturing and the minimum is generated during distribution. Further, some waste arises within the boundary of the company while some waste arises when product flows to supply chain partners. Three key causes of generation of food waste are Damage, Expired and Obsolete. Many a times, food items such as Cans may get dented during packaging or handling. On the other hand, there can be chances when foot items get expired due to high level of inventory for service level. It is also possible that some food items get out-of-trend and discontinued…show more content…
A waste programme needs to be developed for supermarkets to reduce food waste in the supply chain. For example, Sainsbury’s has partnered with Google, search engine giant, to roll out a mobile app that the supermarkets can use to reduce food in households across Britain. In this mobile app, Sainsbury’s food rescue initiatives fuse with mobile voice recognition technology for recipe inspiration. This gives users practical help to use the ingredients which might be forgotten otherwise. The marketing head of Sainsbury’s believe that families have turned into savvy shoppers due to which they look for the food which they can store in their fridge and cupboards. The practical know-how and technology will definitely help the users to reduce the amount of food items they throw away. This is to reduce the food waste for household. However, Sainsbury’s has adopted a new technology to reduce the food waste in the supply chain. The company has partnered with a waste recycling company, Biffa. This teaming up has been done in order to reduce the food waste in the supply chain and use it for productive purposes in spite of treating it as waste (Mesure,

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