Bellagio Case Study

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Introduction This paper will survey and review the overall environment of the Bellagio Resort & Casino located in Las Vegas in order for me to understand the services and activities of the hotel. Most importantly I wanted to get an overview of the appearance of the hotel. This will, therefore, help me to put into use the knowledge, skills, and tools that I obtained from the hospitality management class. This means that I will be able to apply the class theorem to the real work environment. I will, therefore, discuss its service space, provide recommendations and conclusions and m views of its server space. History and Location Information Bellagio Las Vegas is a hotel that is located in the cosmopolitan areas of Las Vegas. Bellagio is not…show more content…
During the check in, I realized its guest room’s view are the best considering that the suits faced its dancing waters. The fascinating fact about Bellagio is the numerous pools that have surrounded this hotel. Its gardens and botanical systems were to die for considering they were maintained well and I felt that I was breathing fresh air. The architecture of Bellagio is beautiful considering of it being surrounded by natural scenery which was fun. Bellagio also happens to have two entrances that are by the hotel and by the casino. The hotel also offers free parking mainly because it has a very large and spacious parking area and a very effective and reliable valet. The fountains present in Bellagio hotel happens to be musical, especially due to its expansive nature. This fountain has also been choreographed with musicals and lighting. The fountains have aligned with musicals like Viva La Viva, My Heart will go on, and Lucky be a lady, due to these songs the fountains is considered to be iconic. The Bellagio fountains also occupy a very vast land that is 8.5…show more content…
Bellagio casino had been constructed in a manner that its ventilation system was appropriate and thus made air conditioning of the hotel suitable. Its guest rooms or rather suites were spacious and comfortable considering the room was modern designed. These rooms are also white and chrome in color. Its big spaces were beautiful considering it almost brought the outside into the inside. The suits also contained king sized beds and the modern furniture, big bathrooms. The penthouses suites of the hotel had an amazing view of the World Tower, especially during the night. The hotel, therefore, projects a cool modern vibe that is thus attracting. Its restaurant's dining space was also impressive from its modern furniture and its fine artillery. The layout of the chairs and the tables was spectacular as it provided an adequate moving environment, which I found to be comfortable. This hotel also displays fine art especially through its art gallery that is known for exhibiting beautiful art such as the Picasso. The spa facilities happen huge enough for the accommodation of customers. The spa has been known to provide an award-winning beauty oasis, this is mainly because of the hotel has managed to acquire several exceptional blends of international treatments. The hotel is also known to have fitness equipment in its residence which means that they have the latest equipment that is

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