Food Waste In Japan

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Kotono Sakai Topic : Food waste in Japan. Category : Environmental system and society. Research question : Why is the feeling of ”Mottainai” disappearing from our society. The reality of food surplus in Japan is “approximately 20 millions livings are below the poverty line”. It means that there is always one person who is having a hard time to even have something to eat in every six people. This fact is continually shocking me and it is still difficult for me to believe that one of the most developed countries, Japan is actually facing a lack of food surplus. What made me start to be interested in the food waste was when I was eating…show more content…
For instance, becoming a volunteer, getting a part of events or festival held by such as NPO. People just do not know when and how they can take part of such things. Unless we take some actions, nothing is obviously going to get better and improved, actually will get worse than the present condition. Two weeks ago, on October 16th, I was able to be involved in several events and even a workshop because of a national food day. World Food Day , a day established by the United Nations to raise awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger. Since 2008, in addition to World Food Day, the entire month of October has been dedicated as 'World Food Day' Month in Japan. During the month, United Nations agencies, as well as non-governmental and non-profit organizations working with issues related to poverty and hunger, collaborate to host various events and participate in educational outreach. During 'World Food Day' Month, together we can all raise awareness on issues related to "food" of the world through our daily eating habits, and we aim to work together towards a world where no one will suffer from hunger or…show more content…
I came over Ginza in the morning before the store was opened. I honestly expected the most people who would get the t-shirts were women ,but some men were also lining up in front of the store. People who were able to get the free t-shirt, they do have a chance to get involved in the fight against hunger.For every selfless selfies (wearing the t-shirt and tagged with #watchhungerstop )shared on any kinds of social media such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, Michael Kors himself will donate 25 meals to children in

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