To What Extent Should Two Atomic Bombs Have Been Dropped On Japan?

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Should the atomic bombs have been dropped on Japan? TARGET: 7B-Use evidence from the sources to explain different points of view to reach a supported judgement There have been many debates over whether the two atomic bombs should have been dropped on Japan. Many people argue that Japan was close to surrender and that the use of two atomic bombs was too excessive. Even some Americans thought the bombs should not have been dropped, an example of this is “The Japanese were already defeated” This was spoken by Truman’s current advisor. He states that the Japanese were already defeated, he could think this because of numerous reasons. These include the fact that even months before the bombings, April 1945, Kantaro Suzuki took control of the Government…show more content…
America thought that Japan would not surrender because its emperor was so resilient in forcing his troops to believe that surrender was not an option. Further evidence “A demonstration bomb might be best made on a barren island of Japan, America could then ask Japan to surrender” suggests an American nuclear scientist. The scientist recognises the power of the two bombs and realises that it would be best to demonstrate their power to the Japanese. However, some Americans believe that it was morally correct to drop the two bombs. This is clear in the quotation “A demonstration was mot regarded as likely to make Japan surrender” and “We had no bombs to waste” This was said by Henry Stimson in 1946. He was an American that thought dropping the bombs was the correct decision. It is clear in this quote “There was no weakening in the Japanese determination to fight” This suggests that the bomb should have been dropped as it was Americas last resort in defeating the Japanese. Henry believed that the Japanese were determined to win the war, at this time they had a 5 million strong army. This was enough to convince America in to dropping the two bombs. The president of America thought that if the two bombs were not

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