In WALL-E: Multiple Forms Of Pollution

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In any ecosystem, there are multiple forms of pollution – streams full of toxic chemicals from industrial processes, trash covering the grounds and even city skies covered in smog. Many activities and products in the 21st century are polluting the world by poisoning soils and waterways. Thus, plants and animals are killed, and humans are regularly harmed. Long-term exposure to air pollution can lead to asthma, respiratory diseases and even lung cancer. Furthermore, more than one billion people lack access to clean water and 2.4 billion do not have adequate sanitation, putting them at risk of contracting deadly diseases (, 2014). Pollution is most often caused by consumerism because as the world population increases, goods and…show more content…
They over-wasted leading to the mass pollution of Earth. In response to their consumerism and lack of care for the environment, the Earth had no natural resources left and the humans took the easy way out by sending robots to clean up the mess they made. This is symbolic for the way in which people currently treat the Earth in response to current threats of consumerism, pollution and other sustainable issues. Pollution was not a concern for the people on the Axiom because it was on an Earth that was far away. Similarly, people do not take much involvement in pollution because it is not something that directly affects their lives, but it will if our practices do not…show more content…
The presence of thick and foggy air resemble air pollution, while skyscraper-sized piles of garbage all over the earth resemble land pollution. These scientific concepts are real life issues that impact society because garbage dumping is taking place around our world which leads to extinction of plant and animal life. Consumerism from large corporations have made the humans in WALL-E obese and lazy. Humans in the real world are not far off if they continue to heavily rely on cars and intake cheap and unhealthy foods. The creators of WALL-E use elements of comedy and humour to bring to light serious issues pertaining to pollution and consumerism. Thus the futuristic dystopia that WALL-E envisions is a realistic possibility unless humans begin to consider the consequences of excessive consumption and improve the way they deal with pollution, like Sweden has attempted to. In the present, there are already places on Earth that have become inhospitable for some

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