Three Styles Of Conflict Resolution In The Diary Of A Young Girl, By Anne Frank

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The Three Styles of Conflict Resolution The Holocaust was a time of great suffering, immense fright and intense ideals that not only affected those of Jewish heritage but a large number of other Europeans. Correspondingly, this event caused a variety of large scale problems that affected many individuals. With so much death and destruction present in society how did people endure these problems? Anne Frank from “The Diary of a Young Girl” written by Anne Frank, was one such individual who endured the conflict by thinking positively during the entirety of the Holocaust, and continuing to hope that things will get better. By keeping a positive attitude, Anne was able to make living in the annex more jubilant for some of those in hiding. Sophie Scholl from…show more content…
People might disagree with these tactics, however, because positive attitudes can lead to becoming naive and believing certain things, making you unprepared for the future. Many people got through these problems and conflicts with a number of tactics. People thought positively to believe things will get better, fought against the root of the problems to try and stop the problem from continuing, and tried to forget what happened after the Holocaust ended. These tactics are some of the finest ways to respond to conflict, as it will help those get through conflict easier, will not affect their lives as much in the end, and will hopefully end the conflict sooner. During and after the Holocaust, many Jews kept a positive attitude, helping them get through a lot of vigorous times. A lot of people during the Holocaust did a lot of contrasting things to keep up their positive attitude and trudge forward. Elizabeth Monnig of the Arizona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies says, “To overcome the detrimental effects of the chaos within their lives, children turned to playing with games and toys to recapture a sense of familiarity and comfort that they had had before the Holocaust.” During the Holocaust, Jews had a

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