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Alas Babylon is a outstanding book giving us insight on what it would be like if we were to experience a nuclear holocaust. The author Pat frank gives us our most realistic view of what would happen if the US where to get bombed. He writes this book just as the cold war comes to an end in 1959. The main character in this book is named Randy Bragg. He is faced with a task of leading many citizens of Florida to rebuild society after it is destroyed after a nuclear bomb hits the US. The book captures the true meaning of a catastrophe and what it means to be under the rocks. In the Novel, Alas Babylon, Pat Frank’s use of a dark conflict, a harsh setting, and unique characters really conveys the theme of during a time of crisis when one’s true self…show more content…
Pat Franks Alas Babylon states, “At this point Peewee should have dropped the chase, for they had been strictly warned, in the briefing, against violating anyone's border. [...] He pushed the firing button." (Chap.4 page 45-48). At this time in the novel, peewee drops the bomb and this is almost the height of the story as the conflict is about to go to a whole nother level. Once the bomb actually hits the US and kills thousands that will be just the start. The radiation and aftermath of the bomb will truly reveal every characters true character. The author, Pat Frank, describes the eating situation, “He was hungry. He was always hungry. No matter how much he ate the night before, he was always starving in the morning.” (Chap. 8, page 177).Now in the story the real problems are starting to become prevalent. Frank shows how the starvation problem is going to get real many people. The characters are reallying feeling the true effects and they will have to stay strong because without the proper nutrition they will be going crazy before they even know it. As they story…show more content…
The struggle, for those who survived "The Day", was to survive the next.” (chap. 6 page 123). This quote shows how the characters are really starting to realize that the fight is not against anyone. It is against the bomb effects and instead of fighting against it they need to work together to survive it. And once the characters realize this, they will have a chance to make it through the bomb they will have a chance to live. The citizens of Fort Repose are trying to find a way out of this pickel, “Some nations and some people melt in the heat of crisis and come apart like fat in the pan. Others meet the challenges and harden. I think you’re going to harden.” (Chap. 6 page 132). In this part of the story dan gunn tries to convince randy that most people crack and just lay down when something like this happens. And they just accept the fact that they are going to die and will not do anything about it. But Randy needs to step it up and go against the odds and beat the bomb. Frank also references to how we are handed everything in this world, “We were born with Silver [sic] spoons in our mouths and electric dishwashers to keep them sanitary and clean. We relaxed, didn’t we? What will happen to us, Admiral?” (Chap. 9 page 230). The characters are

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