America During The Cold War

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Many factors played into the advancement of America’s agenda during the Cold War. Some of which would be the Marshall Plan, the Executive Order 9981 and the removal of women from the industrial work force. Much of Europe was damaged throughout the years of World War II and was going through a severe a financial crisis. The United States was the only semi-stable government at the time. Which resulted in the United States financially bailing out and aiding in military assistance to most of Europe. Soon after President Truman appointed George Marshall to be the Secretary of State, allowing the development of the European Recovery Program or (Marshall Plan) and was then set into place, attempting to restore the European Financial and Political Stability. All of which included fuel supplies, food, and machinery from the beginning of 1947 to 1951. However, at times Americans may have…show more content…
That, “there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard of race, color, religion, or national origin.” During this time period the United States was dealing with a society of violent racism. America was contradicting itself by representing the fight for a “free world.” However in our very own country we had had obscene violent racism in the South and were fighting for civil rights and equal opportunity in politics at the same time. However, fighting in the same war, losing the same lives regardless of color or race, shouldn’t be stood for. President Truman wanted an all for one attitude. With the Executive Order 9981 this allowed “equality” on paper. It showed the President Truman’s vision for America. Although, just because a paper is signed doesn’t mean that our fellow Americans were going to follow it. It just sets a future precedence for future America. Whether or not we follow this it’s our responsibility as a
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