Rise Against Vs All Time Low Essay

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Rise Against and All Time Low are two rock bands that have each gained their own popularity or the past several years. Both bands gained a lot of popularity by touring on the Vans Warped Tour and share a lot similarities. Although, both bands have many similarities, they do have their differences as well. Both bands share powerful messages in their lyrics, have their own unique sounds, and express a lot of energy in their live performances. When it comes to lyrical content, both bands share their own individual messages that can be taken in different ways. Rise Against has made it very clear in a lot their songs that they are very passionate about many different subjects. They have written songs on the topics of suicide, animal rights, and various political topics. For example, the song “Blood red, white, and blue” is a political song on war on how America idolizes war heroes and the tactics they use to recruit young men and women into the army. It is a very serious subject that…show more content…
Both bands incorporate many of the same attributes in their shows. Lead Guitarists Zach Blair (Rise Against) and Jack Barakat (All Time Low) go ballistic. Giving insanely high leg kicks and jumping around from one side of the stage to the other, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of where they are on stage. Each lead vocalist also give it all when it comes to their performance. Tim Mcilrath (Rise Against) goes mad with his microphone. He will swing it around him like a lasso and still have the energy to jump around and sing with all of his breath. Each band will normally include a couple of acoustic songs in their set list as well. Where Rise Against normally saves their acoustic songs near the end of the show, All Time Low will put them in the middle of the show. With both bands performing similar shows, they each throw in their own unique twist into each performance to separate them from the rest of the

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