Five Focus Areas In The National Development Plan

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Briefly explain the strategic direction of any 5 focus areas in the National Development Plan (NDP) of South Africa (attached) in which the Retail sector could make a contribution. Give one example of a possible contribution that the Retail sector could make in each of the 5 focus areas. What is National Development Plan of South Africa? The National Development Plan (NDP) is a long term South African development plan, developed by the National Planning Commission in collaboration and consultation with South Africans from all walks of life (nationalplanningcommission /4/26/2016) The NDP is founded on 6 pillars that represent the broad objectives of the plan to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality. According to the national planning commission…show more content…
Most of the times the health professionals are not prepared to work in the public health sector because of a lot of factors some of which are; poor or lack of facilities to work with, the pay is not the same as working for private health sector it is lass, in some areas there is lack of security inside the hospital and the surrounding…show more content…
With these donations that can improve our public education, good quality educators won’t run away from the public schools to go to the private schools. These contributions will improve the quality of public schools education and the students wont struggle when they get to tertiary level, they’ll be on the right level The second thing the retail sector can do to contribute is offering bursaries to under privileged students to study at tertiary institutions. When the students graduate they can work for the company that paid for their fees for the number of years they paid for, this will make graduates gain some needed experience to get employment in the industry of their choice. These contributions by the retail sector will help South Africa realise its full potential which is stated in the national development plan 2030 as education is the basis of

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