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Indonesian Defense Planning Systems The Indonesian Defense Planning is the elaboration of the National Strategic Planning that will be conducted by the Ministry of defense. This Planning comprises some documents as guidance and is conducted by Higher Commands, Primary Command and unit level. This system also encompasses the annual and five year planning system to achieve the national strategy. Besides that, the planning process combines the bottom up and top down approaches. The processes of planning are as depicted in figure 1 below. There are three types of planning based on the duration of time, the long term (20 years), the medium term (5 years) and the short or annual planning. There are also level of organizations (printed in yellow) which conduct the strategic planning starting from Ministry of Defense, Armed Forces of Indonesia (TNI), Major Services (Unit Organisasi, UO) and Major Command (Komando Utama, KOTAMA). Based on the MOD Directive No. 38/2012 and as depicted in Fig.1, the Major Services (UO), TNI, and MOD (Kemhan) submits the draft of the Defense Long-Term Development Planning (RPJP) to the Ministry of National Development Planning, MONDP (Kementrian Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional) for approval. Next, the MONDP consolidates, assesses and approves the Draft of National Development Planning (RPJP) submitted by each ministry in the…show more content…
It has passed its first strategic phase as planned in RPJMN 2010-2014. Based on the annual evaluation, the application of this concept was not as planned. Thus, in 2012, the Ministry of Defense (Kementerian Hukum dan HAM, 2012, p. 4) issued a Directive Number 19 / 2012 for the alignment of MEF Concept with the planning, the defense budgeting mechanism. This directive was a breakthrough policy that helped realigning the budget deviation within the allocated budget for the MEF period

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