Essay On Early Childhood Education

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Nowadays the early childhood was important to our society. A lot of parents like to send their children to the pre-school early even they are not yet reach the schooling ages. All of them are simple are natural. This is why I want to work with the young children. I felt that children were an angel, naive, smart and so on. While I play or doing some activities with them they will fully enjoyable. I felt very happy and enjoyable when play together with them. Besides that, the children was likely to satisfied such as I gave them some rewards if they are done their works, and they will feel very happy and said “thank you teacher” with the smiling face. According to the theories from theorist John Amos Comenius said that “development is from within”, is means that children should be learn at their own pace and we couldn’t force them to follow up what the speed we…show more content…
They should be responsible to their life for example they should be take good care to themselves and family, responsibility to their studies, responsibly to the decision that they make and so on. The next aims are guide them study in a proper ways. Such as, we should be correct the mistakes which are done by the children and explain to them the ways to correct the mistakes to avoid them repeat the mistakes again. The third aim is lead them prepare of the schooling. Children have to known and learn about the basic knowledge before go to primary school for example, teacher will teach the foundation of the all subjects that the children should be to learn before schooling. The fourth aim is help the children to recognize right and wrong. For example, children need a helps from adults to assist them that differentiate what thing is can do and what thing is can’t do as they not have an ability to differentiate right and wrong therefore adults should be as a good model before teach the

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