Child Labour Policy

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At Annexure – V is the position on the implementation of the directions of the Supreme Court, as contained in the affidavit of the Secretary of Labour, Government of India on December 4, 1997. 2.7 The National Child Labour Policy The idea of adapting a separate policy on child Labour was not only to place the issue on the nation’s agenda, but also to formulate a specific program of action to initiate the process of progressive elimination of the child Labour. The policy consits of three complementary measures. • Level on action plan. This policy envisages strict enforcement of the provision of the Child Labour (Prohibition & regulation) Act, 1986 and other child- related legislation. • Focus on general development program benefit children…show more content…
A major activity undertaken under the NCLP is the establishment of special schools to provide non - formal education training education, vocational training, supplementary nutrition etc. to children withdraws from employee. Under the project based action plan of the policy, 12 NCLPs were started in the States of Andhra Pradesh (Jaggampet and Markapur), Bihar (Garwah), Madhya Pradesh (Mandsaur), Maharashtra (Thana), Orissa (Sambalpur), Rajasthan (Jaipur), Tamil Nadu (Sivakasi) and Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi – Mirzapur – Bhadohi, Moradabad, Aligarh and Ferozabad). 2.8.1 Present Coverage under National Child Labour Project So far 76 child labour projects have been sanctioned under the National Child Labour Project Scheme for covering 1,50,000 children. Around 1,05,000 children are already enrolled in the special schools. The next table gives the figures of the state-wise coverage of children under the National Child Labour Project. Table 2.5 : Coverage under National Child Labour Project State District Sanctioned Schools…show more content…
The budgetary allocation was further substantially stepped up after the launching of programme in August 1994 for the rehabilitation of child labour working in hazardous occupations. The allocation during 1995 – 96 and 1996 – 97 was of the order of Rs. 344 million and Rs. 560 million. As against this, the actual expenditure for these two years was of the order of Rs. 343 million and Rs. 338 million respectively. The allocation for 1997 – 98 is Rs. 784 million. (in 1995 – 96 and 1996 – 97, $1 = Rs. 35 approximately. In 1997 – 98, $1 = Rs. 37

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