4th Brigade Combat Team Paper

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The critical leadership problem in 4th Armor Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) is the lack of a leadership development program for officers and NCOs that promotes training, mentorship and a strong command climate (culture). The poor leadership decisions prior to and during deployment contributed to inadequate mission focused training for soldiers. Lack of leadership support has led to low moral within the unit. Senior leaders did not properly counsel their subordinates and failed to property develop their soldiers. After assessing the unit’s situation, I have created an initial vision statement. There are two steps of the initial statement, they include identifying the future state or objective (“what”) and I will explain the purpose for getting…show more content…
My guiding coalition will be the CSM, XO, and Battalion Commanders. This team will help will provide input for the brigade goals and help drive the vision within each unit. My first goal is to implement and effective leader development program by directing immediate supervisor counsel all NCOs and officers within 90 days. These packets will be personally reviewed by the leadership to ensure we are conducting effective counseling of our subordinates. Counseling will include individual development plans, training that supports the Army values, and honest feedback on the person’s performance. Secondly, I will restore confidence in the leadership and reduce stress by establishing a training plan that projects training up to 180 days out within 60 days of assuming command. The training plan will include input from leadership at all levels and will provide a more predictable battle rhythm in preparation for the next deployment. Establishing a specific training plan will decrease soldier stress, establish training priorities, and instill confidence back into the brigade leadership. My third goal is create a virtual commander’s suggestion box that is completely confidential and conduct a command climate survey every three months. This will allow each soldier to provide candid feedback to the leadership and give ownership to each member of the unit. The command climate surveys will provide guidance and allow me to adjust the vision if necessary. Step six, the goals described in step three will help prioritize tasks for the Brigade. I will first implement a predictable Brigade training plan, ensuring to gather input and feedback from subordinate units. All leaders will conduct counseling sessions and mentor their soldiers. Finally, I will implement the commander’s suggestion box and conduct a command climate

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