First Responder

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Saving someone’s life is a complete adrenaline rush, it is quite possibly the biggest high one can ever attain naturally. Performing as a first responder is an exhilarating job, whether it be fighting fires or life guarding on a beach, the job is very stressful but also very rewarding most of the time. The trick to becoming a good first responder is paying attention to your surroundings and listening to your gut reaction to the situation you are being forced to handle. When you are relaxing on the beach as a guest, the first thing your ear tunes in on is usually the sound of the waves crashing on the sand bars in the ocean. As a lifeguard, the first thing you tune into is the voices of the people surrounding your chair. You can hear conversations…show more content…
I jumped into the water and started paddling out toward the struggling people. I noticed, as I dove under a wave, that the water felt as if it were dragging me down to the floor of the ocean and out farther, which was very strange because normal rip currents just drag you out. It took me around five minutes to arrive out by where the swimmers had been dragged and they were clearly rather excited that I had finally gotten out to where they were stranded. They each got a floatation device and I attached them to my feet so when I paddled back to shore on the surfboard, they would be dragged along with me. I got around halfway to the shore when I noticed that the sand on the beach looked really strange, it looked like it was all swaying back and forth. When I looked up at my lifeguard post, the stand was moving as well. As I started to turn around to check on the people I was pulling in, I saw one of the biggest waves I have ever encountered on Long Beach Island. It must have been around 12 feet high and it looked like it was coming at us very quickly. I immediately jumped off the surfboard and detached the float rings from my feet so I would not be drowned when we had to dive under the wave. I was not fast enough because the two people got under the wave just fine but it hit me directly on the top of the head and slammed me into the ocean's
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