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The Land of Opportunity The very children who most need the promise of the ‘American Dream’ by way our nation’s educational resources are rarely receiving it. Due to the system through which American public schools receive funding and how we treat low-income students—particularly students of color—educational inequality not only exists, but also has become an issue of public health. The pursuit of public school equity is vastly important to the upward social mobility of American adults and is a vital step towards racial equality in a nation proudly coining itself a ‘land of opportunity.’ Academic self-concept, or what a student believes they are capable of achieving, stems from grades and standardized test scores, neither of which take into account the resources available…show more content…
Not only do they have fewer resources available to them on average, but also when resources are available—such as accelerated track classes—they are likely to be over populated with white students and seem completely off limits to students of color. The correlation between race, class, and quality of education continues to perpetuate social and economic inequality; the system by which our public schools are funded lies at the very heart of the matter. Under the US Constitution, individual states are responsible for Kindergarten through twelfth grade education. While this may sound like an opportunity for schools to be monitored more closely than they would be if overseen at a federal level, it is, in reality, a source of educational disparity based on class. As a result of state-oversight schools are funded by income and property taxes, rather than every American school receiving equal funds as it would likely be if examined at a federal

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