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The total number of firefighters responses was 26,534,500, reflecting an increase of 5.1% over 2008.They have to keep in tip-top shape to perform their jobs well.Firefighters main job is to protect the community in emergency situations.They risk their own lives to save others that they don’t even know.They don’t only respond to fires, they respond to a range of calls.They respond to things like car crashes,flooding.and chemical spills.Many firefighters are also being trained as first responders. If the firefighters arrive before the ambulance, they can begin helping the person/people.The importance of firefighters is more than people think. Just because they are called “firefighters” they don’t only deal with fires. Firefighters respond to almost 20 million medical emergencies, and only approximately 1.4 million fires.They respond more to medical…show more content…
First, you have to complete the Medical Release Affidavit.You have to submit a medical release form signed by a physician.Next, you have to get your CPR certification,and bring a copy.You must be trained and able to perform all necessary actions.Lastly, you have to complete the Student Authorization,register,and pay tuition.after that you create a student account and once you’re contacted complete the form.These are some requirements to obtain firefighting. There are a lot of courses you can take to prepare for firefighting while in high school.There is a 2 year course leading to a BTec Fire and Rescue Service in the community.During this course the program will deliver theoretical and practical training.You will also develop personal skills as well as learn how to work in a team.The course teaches First Aid and all other characteristics of firefighting.You will receive an education and train while there , both academically and relevant to the job of firefighting.This will help me be prepared to take on my

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