Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Essay

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people are speaking, and messy thoughts and emotions about slavery and the deep south. Many of Twain's inner views were expressed and he even based some of the characters on his children. In the 1800’s the book was heavily criticised for it’s bad grammar, unorthodox spelling and punctuation and poor language, (not that it swears but that the words are “trashy and immoral”). Some ideas are also expressed about slavery that were not inline with the attitude of the time, some institutions, even went as far as to ban it. Despite all that, today the book sells 200,000 copies yearly (Ernsberger 1-3). Mark was deeply interested in science and was a close friend to Nikola Tesla, the two spent many hours in Tesla's lab. Twain himself had three non-literary patents. He…show more content…
Several more of these darker works include, Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Following the Equator, The Man That Corrupted HadleyBurg and an unfinished work The chronicle of young Satan ("Mark Twain." Columbia encyclopedia electronic edition.). Mark again had to resort to lecturing to support the family and while he was away his wife Olivia died, his daughter Susy had died shortly before. These loses and continual financial trouble caused Twain to sink into deep grief and even darker moods, he still wrote, his last novel The Mysterious Stranger (unfinished) chronicled the visit of Satan to a small Austrian town. Twain's youngest daughter Jean, was diagnosed with epilepsy, and died in 1909 right before christmas, Mark wrote a few lines about what his daughter had meant to him and then swore that he would never write again. Twain spent the winter trying to assuage his grief, playing billiards, cards, and smoking on April 21, 1910, Mark Twain died. Most would have said “passed away” but the author will tell it as he would have wished, straight and
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