Essay On Fire Safety

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Fires that have shaped fire codes and safety From Ancient Roman times to well into the 19th century, fire prevention and safety were elusive goals. An early fire safety plan was well developed right after the Great fire of London. There have been many historical fires that have helped evolve methods, equipment and codes for firefighting. The impact of the Great London fire of 1966, had forever changed urban life. It had encouraged us to how we construct buildings, to the way we fight fires today. The great London had started as a small fire in the early morning of Sunday, September 2, 1966 and raged on for four days. The fire had started in a bakery that was also a house on Pudding Lane. The owner had been awakened by his apprentice as…show more content…
This helped cause any further problems with hoses not fitting hydrants. On the morning of November 21, 1980, eighty-five people died and more than 700 were injured as a result of a fire at the MGM Grand Hotel. This fire was placed as the second largest life-loss hotel fire in United states history (Clark County Nevada Fire Department). This hotel fire could have been prevented if 192,000 more dollars had been spent for sprinklers in more areas of the hotel. The MGM Grand fire had begun in the deli of a restaurant part of a casino. The MGM Grand was not installed with sprinklers and was decorated with highly flammable material like: cloth, plastic and vinyl seating. Due to the lack of separation in the stairwells, elevators and seismic joints the smoke and the fire had spread rapidly throughout the Hotel. According to the fire department it was caused by an electrical ground fault. With false cupboard housing the compressor for a refrigerated display case it had contained improperly installed
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