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The game was that one you saw maybe briefly in its single season's run on television, "Find the Box." In case you missed it (lucky you!), it was a mix between "Let's Make a Deal" and "Family Feud." Two families of four competed against each other and the winning team got a chance to "find the box" which was sort of a game of "Concentration," you had to mix two boxes of the same prize to win the prize. The ones who won the best prizes (per value) got to keep their prizes, the losing team was stuck choosing between two boxes, one was a pretty good prize (in this case, a washer-and-dryer combination), and the other was a gag prize. In this case, a mule, with me sitting on it to add some character. They'd "buy back" the mule for cash after the…show more content…
That mule was rented from an agency! The Carvers were a family of a father and three adult sons who hailed from the Ozarks. The casting agency retained to collect contestants for us had been told to try for colorful characters, which the Carvers definitely were. Big, hunky, dumb farmboys, their answers to the questions were offbeat and frequently hilarious. Like calling "possum" the kind of meat you'd use to make gumbo! Well, I'll spare you the rest of the details, save that the Carvers did lose the game (for obvious reasons) and they did end up with the mule as their "prize." Their reaction was typical Carver. "How the heck are we going to get that mule all the way back to Missouri?" "We'll give you a cash prize in lieu of the mule." the M.C. assured them, and I sat aboard that mule with a big grin and waving while they lowered the curtain once again. I just had time to get ready for my next appearance, in a jumpsuit, pretending to have just custom built the Jaguar which was one of the prizes in the next show. The shows were shot five at a time of course, once a week, and shown on a daily basis. It chewed up a big part of a day, and what with post-production work (some scenes had to be shot over again) it was almost nine o'clock at night when I got out of there. The things you do while waiting to be discovered as a male model! I was going to call my agent first thing tomorrow and if he didn't

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