Photography In Ansel Adams 'Half Dome, Orchard Winter Storm'

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Thanks to modern technology photography has become a much loved art form over the years, some even go as far to say that the art of photography and creating quality photos is as complex as drawing or painting a pictures. Duke University even states in one of their online journals that “photography means to write or draw with light”. On that note it is safe to say photography is a very complex art form and no two photos are identical, no matter how fast the shutter is, but regardless or the differences each photograph has whether it be quality, location, season or any other factor many photographs share common themes. For example, even though “Half Dome, Orchard Winter” by Ansel Adams is very similar to “Winter Storm” by Ansel Adams because they both have a winter or snowy theme they are also different because they focus on different parts of the season and are taken a year apart.…show more content…
Looking at this photo one will first notice this centered tree, the tree is very full and could possibly resemble an apple tree if it was in bloom, this trees branches are heavily weighted down with snow to the point is difficult to see the darkness of the trees bark. The ground is covered in the fluffy whiteness. Then the background of the other trees that are very similar but not quite identical to the main focus. Then further back is the harsh dark background of the mountains that are sporadically covered with

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