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Copper Sun By Sharon Draper, is an emotional story of an African girl's journey from her homeland of africa where she was free to America where she was captured and made to be a slave. the main character of the story amari is put through many hardships and trials and due to this she is very emotional throughout her journey a few emotions that she goes through include, sadness, fear, anger, and confusion based upon the fact that she is in an african slave trade, two of the emotions that I will touch upon include Amri’s sadness and fear. The reason she felt the emotion of sadness was because her baby brother died in her arms. the impact that this event had on the story was that amari will forever blame herself for the fact that her brother died on her watch. Another part of the story were amari had the feeling of sadness, is where she met tiny and tidbit the reason she felt sadness was that tiny and…show more content…
the impacted that this had on the story was that this event was when she lossed her parents and her little brother. Another time in the story were amari felt fear was when she had seen the ocean because of what afi told amari. the reason that she felt fear was because she thought that if she went to far she would fall of the edge of the earth. the impact that this had on the story was that on her entire journey to america she was afraid that she was going to fall of the earth.The final point that i will use to show amaris feelings of fear is when she found out she was pregnant.the reason she felt fear was because the baby's father was that horrid man Clay Derby. the impact that this event had on this story was that from now on amari would have to deal with the pregnancy while facing the hardships that were present at the

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