Financial Aid Advantages

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Financial aid is monetary help from the government and other programs for students enrolled in college. Students must apply and qualify in order to receive the financial help. Many students depend on financial aid to cover all or most of their college expenses. Financial aid comes in different forms such as scholarships, Hazelwood Act, and work study. One of the most known forms of financial aid is scholarships. When getting ready to fill out scholarships it is recommended to fill out FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) first. This application indicates whether or not a student is eligible for certain scholarships. This document includes information about how many people live in the household, how much the parents income is, and gives the government a basic understanding of the applicants financial status and how much help they need. Scholarships can be awarded for different things such as athletics, academics, and what career field the student is deciding to get…show more content…
This grant provides 150 hours of tuition, not including books and other supplies need for college. The Hazelwood Veteran Program allows veterans to get financial help for higher education. If the veteran decides to not receive the help but to pass it on to his child he can do so through the Hazelwood Legacy Program. The veteran’s child must be dependent and under the age of twenty-five. The Hazelwood Dependent/Spouse Program is also extended to spouses or children of veterans who died in the line of duty, or who became totally disabled in the military. The applicant must submit the application and meet all of the requirements. A few of the requirements are that the veteran must have either been a Texas resident, have designated Texas as Home of Record, or entered the service in the state of Texas. The Hazelwood Act is a beneficial form of financial aid for military

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