The Pros Of Attending Community College

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There are many factors of attending community college. As most people would determine that saving money on tuition would be the main factor. Going to community college and living at home would save a lot of money. Community College and tuition fees are still much lower than universities, and with enrolling in a community college allows you to achieve the same degree and live at home. Therefore there are many benefits of attending a community college. First, as many students attend community college class size varies from 25-35 students. (“Advantages”). As class sizes are smaller it is easier to ask questions and talk to the instructor one on one. With class sizes being smaller it is easier for students to have group discussions and understand…show more content…
In my opinion I think this is a great thing that the community college has so that if you are working you still are able to come to school. With this too a lot of classes that they offer aren’t just in the morning some of the classes are offered at night time which is a great idea to have to get more people to attend community college. Other benefits I feel with community college are with the classes being smaller the level of interaction is higher. In fact you might even learn more from group discussions because the class sizes are smaller. In fact too in my opinion facts show that majority of students learn a lot more with smaller…show more content…
Many community college’s offer financial aid so that students can either get help paying for college. In the same way, though community colleges also over different programs like Job Corps. Job Corps is a program that pays for student’s ages 18-24 who want to go to college, and need help paying to go to school (“Community College”). With this program though the benefits of it are them paying for you to go to school, but not only that you are going to school for two years and not having any debt (“Community College”). In my personal opinion on this though is a program like Job Corps is a nice program to have because it can get kids threw school who couldn’t afford it and having them pay for you to go to school. Costs are generally much lower than those at four-year colleges. On average, tuition and fees at public two-year colleges are $3,347 a year (“Community College”). It also prepares you to transfer to a four-year college. The going rate for students at a community college is 3,872 students attending at a community college (“Community College”). Also though most classes you take at a community will transfer to any university that you want to go

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