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The high school years of someone that burned a porta-potty and got pulled around by a ski rope hooked up to a buddies truck. When Chad was in high school he may not have done the smartest things but he would not have the stories and advice he has today if he had not done those crazy stupid activities. In high school Chad Priebe did not focus on school his main focus was girls and sports which included hockey, baseball, mountain biking, rollerblading, and skateboarding. With classes that did not challenge him he could have more fun and party with out studying and get by with a C average. “I wish I would have put in a little effort so I could have gone to college one day and then have possibly joined the marines.”(Priebe) Even though he held himself to very high standards those were just be better than everyone at what he does, which made him very competitive and good at the sports in high school. Those standards got him a letter in golf and baseball as a freshman in high school.…show more content…
One day after school Chad and some buddies got together and thought it would be a good idea to drag each other around behind a truck with a ski rope while they were on rollerblades. With the stupidity of young teens, driving around side streets like this was a fine until the cops turned the corner and told them never to do it again. “ We had a ramp we built and we brought it down to a parking lot, got our rollerblades and hockey gear on, hooked the rope up and pulled of the ramp at about 20 mph into a grassy landing area and as we got more and more daring we would put cars under it for us to jump.”(Priebe) That time the cops did not show up but they were still scared because of their parents. The parents of kids were more terrifying than the cops because that wooden spoon or leather

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