How Is Brutus A Tragic Hero

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Often the greatest men in history are remembered for their mistakes rather than their achievements. The character of Brutus in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is thought as the protagonist, coward, and dishonorable betrayer. Nevertheless Brutus’ love for Rome, along with noble choices compose him as more, a tragic hero. How could the villain put others above himself, take his life for his mistakes, and kill his only companion for the destitute? The charitable Brutus is believed to kill Caesar out anger or anguish, but as the crown is offered to Caesar, Brutus discloses to Cassius, his fright of a new emperor of Rome, even if it is his closest friend “‘ I do fear, the people Choose Caesar for their king,’”(I.II.167). Mr. Varnell on claims “Brutus is the kind of person who can go against you not because he hates you but because he loves his country even more,” clairifying Brutus does not kill Caesar out of spite or rage, but in pretection of his fellow-men. The qualities of love and loyalty make up who a hero is, and Brutus is replete with both.…show more content…
Brutus was far too trusting. He believes that Cassius too holds Rome over his own benefit and prosperity, Brutus also relied on Mark Antony not to betray him, if his life was spared. Afterward the truth was revealed that these promises were only for personal gain, Cassius uses Brutus for power, while Antony inspired a civil war out of revenge, neither of which was for the good of Rome. The website explains “Brutus was far too principled and confiding,” actions of an honorable man, Brutus was good intentioned, but the preswaytion and deception of others lead him to the atrocious of killing

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