Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques Essay

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Tim Burton, when that name is heard a specific image pops into mind. Maybe "Batman Forever" comes up, or "The Nightmare Before Christmas" maybe even, "Big Fish" either way Burton uses throughout his films many cinematic techniques in order to develop the memorable characters we've come to know and love in the film and create a warm nostalgic feeling in his audiences of all ages. Burton has been known in the cinematic world as a director with a very distinct and unique style that fans of his work have come to associate with his personality. Techniques like contrast in lighting, camera movements and sound in particular help the audiences know who is directing and to help dig deeper concerning characters and themes within the film. To start, Burton uses different tones in lighting showing contrast between different characters. One way this is done is in "Charlie and a Chocolate Factory" when it comes to differences in lighting, nothing says it more than where Charlie lives. An old beaten…show more content…
Like in the movie, “ Big Fish” shot-reverse shot is used promptly within in the first few minutes when the father,Edward, is off telling all his guests another tall tale and the son is furious. That filming technique shows the tension between the father and son and their bond together. It is used perfectly to show the audience their reactions to each other's words whether it be of hate like in the beginning of the movie or of forgiveness towards the end with Edward on his deathbed. This shows how Burton wants the audience to know the characters more in depth, not just by what they say or how they act but how they react to each other tells a lot about the different characters in the film. It brings more to the table of the story that is

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