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Many different people influenced Tim Burton, for example Edgar Allen Poe’s monster movies spoke to him, and the freaky Grimm Brothers’ fairytales. At first Tim worked for Disney, but he felt trapped, He wanted to have his own style, so he ended up branching out and working on his own. Even though he is said to weird and unusual, his style is quite similar to his style, he just keeps attracting attention. He has actors always coming back for more parts. Burton combined many elements that added his own unique touch and feeling. He gives us something unexpected, yet familiar at the same time. Burton is an American film director known for his dark, and creepy films. In all of his films, the same techniques are added to make the stories unique and…show more content…
Non- diegetic music is the type of sound that cannot be heard by the characters in the film. In fact, you can’t really watch a movie without non-diegetic music. There is always at least one scene with non-diegetic music because of the overall effect it has. About half the times in his films, the music in the background would always be used to add emphasis on the creepy horrors that wait. In the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory non-diegetic music was used when Augustus Gloop, the short chubby kid, went to drink from the chocolate river and fell in. Whenever the camera focused on Augustus, It would seem as though a huge monster was stomping around the place eating whatever was in sight. Secondly, In the film Edward Scissorhand non-diegetic music is used when Edward was running back to his house. It was to add emphasis on how it was foreshadowing what was going to happen next. Also, when Peg first entered Edward’s house non-diegetic music was used to add suspense when she found Edward. Finally in the film Corpse Bride, Victor was practicing his vows in the forest, where he thought he was alone. But when he slipped the ring on the “tree branch,” he had just asked Emily, the corpse to marry him. When he tried to run away loud suspenseful music was being played. The way he used non-diegetic music was very successful to either foreshadow the following events to come, or to add suspense, and to move the story

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