Figurative Language In The Story Of An Hour

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Literature often has the power to provoke great thought and reflection. Kate Chopin’s, The Story of an Hour is a short story that touched me in such a way. This is a story that grabs you and holds tight as you ride the rollercoaster of emotions that Mrs. Mallard is going through. Through the use of figurative language, symbolism, and ironic tones; The Story of an Hour is an excellent example of a woman who feels trapped in marriage. The story begins with a simple statement of Mrs. Mallard’s heart trouble and the care that is given when telling her of her husband’s death. It sets the tone that this is to be a darker type of story. It continues on to discuss her immediate breakdown of despair. However, once the breakdown was over, the story…show more content…
You have Mrs. Mallards heart to begin with. It makes you wonder if the heart trouble is that of a broken and sad heart, heart disease, or a combination of both. The story ends with the line “When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease – of joy that kills” (Chopin, 1894). In addition, it also discusses the quickening of her pulse and the blood rushing through her body as she discovers she is free. This leads me to believe that it was indeed a broken heart that she was to die from. Jamil states “Mrs. Mallards ‘heart trouble’ is not so much a physical ailment, as the other charters in the story think, as a sign of a woman who has unconsciously surrendered her heart” (2009. p.216). Another example of symbolism in the story is that of the open window. As she gazes out the window the spring is blossoming, the trees are blooming, the birds singing. It is symbolic of new birth and new beginnings, exactly what Mrs. Mallard was experiencing as she sat in her chair. In addition, the weather changes as do her emotions. She speaks of clearing rain which would have been happening during the time of her tears, and the clouds clearing as she sat in her chair and began to experience

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