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Fatima Hassan Mr. Andrew Dickerson World history 10-H October 1st, 2014 Safavid Empire There were many empires throughout life and here you can find out about the Safavid Empire. Where it all began, what happened during the years, the ruler, the culture and more. The Safavid Empire has some stuff that we still use today. Each ruler they had did something. One ruler even found the Safavid Empire. It all started of what is now known as Iran. The founder of the Safavid Empire is Ismail. He was a 14 years old when he conquered Persia. Ismail took the name ‘shah’ or you can say king. He made the official religion of the safavid, which is Shiite Muslim. The only reason that the official religion was Shiite Muslim because the Shiite supported the…show more content…
He wasn’t just Shah Abbas; sometimes they called him Abbas the great. He ruled from fifteen-eighty eight to sixteen- twenty nine. It was Safavids highest point of glory. Shah Ismail’s made the Tabriz the capital, but then Shah Abbas changed the capital to Esfahan. It’s the most beautiful city in Iran and it still is. He started to trade with other lands. Shah Abbas even increased the use of a weapon, which is gunpowder. He made two armies that would appreciate and be loyal to him. Other rulers were Ismail II. He was a mad leader and also tried to change the Safavid Empire from Shia to Sunnism. He executed his family, but nobody knows why he really did it. Later, Ismail II got murdered. There’s Tahmasp I, who was a successor after Shah Ismail died. The Shahs of the Safavid empire were corrupted. The power had to pass to a religious of wise men called the Shia Muslim. This overthrown the Shahs of the Safavid Empire and made the world’s first Islamic Republic in the eighteenth century. Later, the ulama came up with this thing when only a Mujahidin can…show more content…
They’re art work and architecture are still used in present-day. For example, the Persian carpets are still being bought today; the carpets are also kind of expensive. Weaving silk is also being used today. Most of things we use these days are from history and the Safavid Empire got us the beautiful Persian carpets and the beautiful architecture. The most famous artist till today is Riza-i-Abbasi. They have their own language which is Persian. The Safavid Empire went to many places like, East India, and the southern border of Russia. After what all Iran has, the Persian carpets are the most things that

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