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English 9 Book Card Format English 9 (50 Points) Book Card Format Title (1 point): The boy in the striped pajamas Author (1 point): John Boyne Original Publishing Date (1 point): When did the author first publish this book? January 5, 2006 Setting (2 points): Give the time and place in which this story unfolds The setting is Auschwitz and the time is during world war ll Narrator (2 points): Include the point-of-view and identify the narrator (is the narrator a character or not?) It is written in third-person omniscient and the narrator is the author but it is from bruno’s thoughts Genre (1 point): What type of literature is this book? historical fiction. Brief Plot Summary (5-7 sentences - 5 points): Bruno and his family move to Auschwitz. His parents set up forbidden places…show more content…
There is man vs. man because the Nazis are killing the jews. Bruno’s mother knows what his father is doing is wrong but his father sees pride in what he is doing. A big conflict emerges when Bruno goes into the concentration camp and gets killed, his father realizes what he was doing led to Bruno his son being killed. Symbols (5 points): Explain specific examples symbolism in the book – what is the symbol and what does it represent? The fence could be a symbol because it separates two different worlds on one side things are good and the other things are horrible. The fence could also be overcoming something when the boys have a unique bond they go under the fence to be with each other this could be a symbol of overcoming. Significant quotes (at least 4 - number them and give in-text citation - 12 points): Include speaker, page number, and an explanation of the significance of the quote—what makes the quote important to the work as a whole? "Some people make all the decisions for us." This was said by the mother on pg. 14 when she says “some people” she is talking about the father this quote shows the lack of power woman had back

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