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There are five elements of fiction: characterization, plot, narration, setting, and symbolism or figurative language. For each story, one or some of these elements are more important than the others. A story may use the plot to get their point across while another will emphasize the symbolism to send their message. In the story "The Story of an Hour" there is a large emphasis on plot, narration, and figurative language. The plot of this story is very short and fast in the beginning. It then lingers in the middle adding detail and explanation and again speeds up very quickly in the ending. In fact there is hardly any beginning or end, the story is mostly comprised of the middle of the tale. The story also goes in the exact sequence of events.…show more content…
Mrs. Mallard has a heart condition and she is told by her sister that her husband just died and that is about all we know. All of a sudden we are thrust into Mrs. Mallard's thoughts. We learn about her dread for life and Mr. Mallard's lack of love. We learn how excited she is and although she cries, she cannot wait for freedom. It goes on and explains everything in detail down to her admiration through the window. She leaves the room to begin her new found freedom and sees her husband walk in and then drops dead. The end. It is fascinating that we are not basking in her misery. Her misery before the "accident" and after the reappearance are very short. The narrator really only shares her freedom and enjoyment of that time. The narrator is most definitely third person limited. He only knows about Mrs. Mallard's feelings and really doesn't even hint much at anyone else's. He shares her thoughts in detail, but we only pick up that her sister is concerned. We never know anything about Mr. Mallard thoughts or his friends thoughts. This helps us greatly in understanding why Mrs. Mallard suddenly drops dead at the sight of her

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