Water For Elephant By Sara Gruen Summary

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water. Context: The time period is more of an old vintage look, there aren't many circuses now a days. The discrimination terms convey a feeling of social and economical change by the characters picked and how they act. In the part of the story set in the 1930s, The setting is very vibrant and expressive; there's life, light, and glow in the circus, it's tough to miss. When Jacob first gets to the circus, he is astounded by everyone and everything, he was surprised because her didnt know what to expect. The author, Sara Gruen is corresponding with Jacob, Gruen grew up poor with an ok enducation. She shows her younger years through Jacob more and more once you get into the story. Which is hard to do because that's not an easy subject. Mode/Genre: This piece of work is definitely an adventure, although it seems to be based on a real story it is fiction. Very domestic chunk…show more content…
Sure, there's just one narrator, Jacob, who tells us his life story. But actually he's telling us two life stories. The story of the most thrilling period in his life, when he worked at the circus, and the story of the boring period in his life, waiting out his final days in the nursing home. In one story he's falling in love, and in the other he's all alone so the two stories are kindv'e opposite. The narrative moves back and forth periodically between these two times in Jacob's life. The events and even people from one era start coming into the other. This reinforces the fact that Jacob is getting grey and his memory is starting to disappear. For this reason, you might say that Jacob is an unreliable narrator. Certainly many others at the alders home, like McGuinty, are not reliable narrators of their own lives. Even though Jacob's knowledge of the circus seems legit , we can't be sure. If he's exaggerating the truth a little, there's not a huge problem with that It just makes for a better story in the

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