Fern Experiment

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Thesis: Because in the Fern experiment Vince gives priority to his role as a researcher over his role as a father, he ultimately sacrifices his family to the pursuit of science, causing trauma and damage he is unable to repair later. Plan statement: Although his intentions were good, it is evident that he sacrifices his family for science, demonstrated through the emotional trauma the children and fern, as well as the arrogance of Vince and his lack.… Topic 1: “In retrospect, if it were feasible, it would have been useful to have the some of the same observers view behaviors of chimpanzees in both types of environments to test reliability across conditions.” Vince sacrifices the rights and emotions of Fern through the experiment he started.…show more content…
Rosemary, referring to herself as Ferns “twin” and a part of the experiment herself, became silenced and emotionally shattered with the abrupt absence of Fern’s presence. During the youngest years of Rosemary’s life she was surrounded and learned to mirror Ferns behaviours. Child development textbook also present the idea that “relationships during the first years of a child’s life can set the stage for the growing youth’s mental schemas about what to expect in future interactions with adults.” Considering her father was a psychologist, it is intriguing why he chose to surround his daughter with a chimpanzee during this influential time, leading her to awkward future relationships. Rosemary’s and Ferns bond was so strong that she believes she “kn[ows] what Fern think[s]” (98). She has very vivid memories of Fern, proving that her relationship with her is irreplaceable. She remembers her “acrobatic lips” (97) and her “ear blooming like a poppy from her black fur”(94). The Children and Their Development, sixth edition, explains the idea that, “[a]s time goes by, some siblings grow close, becoming best friends in ways that non-siblings can never be.” (457). This family bond was built over the years until the experiment abruptly ended, where sadness and silence filled the void of Ferns removal. She remembers her father “didn't even seem to notice [her]…show more content…
The purpose of obtaining these results however is still unclear in this novel. After the experiment ended, Vince “worried about his professional standing”(109) , not about the repercussions the failed experiment had on his family. BRYAN E. ROBINSON and LISA KELLEY of University of North Carolina state that “children of workaholic fathers not only had greater depression and external locus of control but also scored higher on anxiety” meaning the trauma Rosemary and Lowell experienced could have been prevented. Was it the simple quest for seemingly useless knowledge and the arrogance of Human kind, or did Vince have a greater purpose to sacrifice his family for? answer .. (what is the purpose of a talking chimp, whats the point) Similarly asked by rosemary int he novel, “what as the goal of the Fern/Rosemary Rosemary/Fern study beef pre it came to its premature and calamitous end? [She] was still unsure” As seen in Although it might be clear this experiment was disgned to allow chimpanzees to communicate with humans, the purpose of a speaking chimpanzee is left

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